Embrace the natural beauty of Mediterranean Stone


Be lured by the salt water and gentle breezes of the Mediterranean Sea.  Cleanse your spirit as you embrace the natural beauty and old world luxury of the Mediterranean into your project with quality MQ Stone.

Beauty comprises every part of nature’s color palette, enriching the eye and creating the perfect balance of materials when using our natural stone.  MQ Stone’s offerings are reminiscent of ancient civilizations’ true understanding of aesthetics and beauty found in nature. Each cut of our stone makes your project unique, and surely bespoke.

The Mediterranean is where civilization began and reached its highest cultural and aesthetic aspiration.  It still forms one of the most beautiful synergies in the world of civilization and nature.  Stone has always been the foundation for that synergy. 

Enjoy the creative energy that comes with developing a design based on our venerable, quality products.  These products provide the confidence of knowing the project will be beautiful when complete.  

Create something beautiful with MQ Stone and let us share our passion with you.




Casa Bahia

Bahia House is a tropical retreat in the heart of Miami. It is a framework for life, with a philosophy of design that gives priority to our humanity and well-being. The house serves as a solid and restorative sanctuary where the connection with the elements accentuates everyday life. There is beauty in the simple; luxury in modernization.

There is a narrative in the way each stone has been established. Ours are represented in projects like this one in which the detail and uniqueness of the Shell Deluxe stone make an attractive combination that highlights the environment in which the dwelling is located.

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